OH MAN, these Twenty One Pilots theories are all over the place

The teasers, the puzzles on line that feel like they are straight from LOST, and ferocious fan-theories about what’s next. This is all coming from Twenty One Pilots. It’s almost overwhelming to tackle all of these online, but immerse yourself into the upcoming era of the big alt duo and the stories they are trying to tell.

The band’s first IG post in year left a lot of fans freaking out.

On top of that, there are the billboards popping up in major cities.

Here are videos from Pop Song Professor and Rock Feed that streamline it all and lay it out.

Here is what I think (just me here), we are getting a new concept album from TOP with an in-depth story to it and a lot of thematic connections between the music and videos for this part of the band’s career. Expect new music soon, and when it becomes available, listen to 101WKQX for updates. Download our app on Google Play and iTunes.

If you want go deep with the Clique, check out the Twenty One Pilots subreddit here.