VIDEO: The depths of despair brought on by Lincoln Towing, now on life support.

If you have owned a car in the city of Chicago — or know of people who have — you likely have heard of the horror story known as Lincoln Towing.

Lincoln Towing is notorious here for consumer horror stories and hundred of citations issues for illegal towing practices.  And now the vehicle relocation service is on life support and in need of last rites after a regulatory commission stripped the longtime company of it’s license to operate yesterday afternoon.

The company believes they still have the right — and continues, as of this posting — to hook vehicles, saying they will be exhausting every legal outlet to pause and eventually reverse the decision of the Illinois Commerce Commission.

But the STORIES!  Let us present five pieces of video evidence.  Enjoy.  — [eric]

Exhibit 1:  Lincoln Towing pulling away with a WOMAN ON THE BACK OF THE CAR.  Turns out they had the wrong address.  Whoops.

Exhibit 2:  allegedly a Lincoln Towing vehicle, illegally passing on the right, throwing garbage and forcing his/her way back into the flow of traffic.

Exhibit 3:  the company has been doing this so long there is a folk-song FOUR DECADES OLD telling the plight of some Chicagoan’s.  Here is Steve Goodman accompanying a Lincoln Towing relocation — unknown if legal or illegal.

Exhibit 4:  This Lincoln Towing driver allegedly pulls out of an alley in front of the driver.  Regardless of what happened, his words aren’t exactly….PG (and for that, this video is definitely NSFW)

Exhibit 5:  a vehicle legally parked in a spot without permit parking.  The poster claims she had never seen someone towed from the lot in 10 years: