Epic failure of Fyre Festival is coming to Netflix, Watch the trailer

The Fyre Festival will be remembered as one of the biggest failures in live music history. In 2017, it was sold as a ‘luxury experience’ with big name acts including our beloved Blink-182 in an exclusive island setting in the Bahamas. The marketing for the festival centered around popular Instagram ‘influnecers’ (you can’t read that without cringing) and then it all went to hell when it actually came time to put the fest on. The reports flooded the web of a disastrous under prepared situation with acts pulling out left and right (including Blink), most of the accommodations not being ready, and just a collective failure in almost every conceivable way. The trailer for the documentary ‘Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened’ due out on Netflix on January 18th, shows how it all came apart.

Vice covered how many artists and music industry professionals were also scammed by the Fyre festival.

Vlogger Austin Mills who emphasizes the word ‘vloggin’ a bit too much, doucmented (excused me VLOGGED) the “complete disaster” that was his trip to Fyre. Mills films the experience from the beginning to end, so you can see it all fall part from the airport to getting to the actual island. It’s almost worse watching it all play out in real time like this video shows.