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Is YOUR man a keeper?

Was your New Year’s resolution to stop pursuing relationships that go absolutely nowhere and find one that lasts and makes you happy?

Relationship expert Tracey Cox reveals a simple test to try out when dating someone new. 

If you want to avoid time-wasters and relationships that end in disaster or tears, doing this simple test each time you meet someone you think has potential makes sense.

Score one point for each of the following you answer ‘yes’ to.

There’s a total of 14 questions. Be honest with your answers and see what’s there, not what you want to see.

1. Does he get on well with his mother?

2. Are his parents together and happy?

3. Does he have a few serious, long-term relationships under his belt?

4. Does he blame all his exes for his break-ups?

5. Are his friends a mix of old and new and like him a lot?

6. Is he financially stable?

7. Has he cheated in the past?

8. Does he have achievements that are complete?

9. Is he OK at communicating?

10. Does he feel about sex the way you feel about sex?

11. Does he want what you want from life?

12. Do you both want or not want children?

13. Do you like each other’s family?

14. Do you have chemistry?

Bonus Points:

Personalize your score by adding in unique points that relate to you. Make sure they are personal because not everything applies to everyone.
Here are some examples:

  • Tall
  • Interesting nationality
  • Age appropriate
  • Interesting career
  • Has a car
  • Works out
  • Cooks
  • Loves a glass of wine
  • Looks after himself – not still eating lasagne for lunch and pasties for dinner etc


Now add up your score from the first 14 questions and half a point for any bonus points you come up with (with a maximum of five).

The maximum score you can get is 16.5.

If you’re still in the very early, massively besotted stage and score this, deduct a few points automatically. Judgment is heavily skewed in the first three months. It’s only after the love and sex hormones stop releasing that you see each other clearly.

For everyone else, I’d suggest you only pursue those who get a score of 10 or over. Also look hard and long at the points that you answered ‘no’ on. How important are those things to you?

If you want to be tough, only continue seeing partners who score 12 or over. Especially, if you’re guilty of seeing the nice side of people and glossing over faults.

Good judgment is what you need for a great relationship, not good luck!

Now is YOUR man a keeper?


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