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The No Pants CTA Ride is Sunday!

The 17th annual No Pants CTA Ride is this Sunday!

Vital pants-less info:

WHO: The No Pants Subway Ride is an annual global event started by Improv Everywhere in New York in 2002. Everyone is welcome, BUT if you come you must participate!

WHAT: The No Pants Subway Ride : Chicago Edition is Chicago’s Very Own edition!

WHERE: 1209 W Arthur Ave, Chicago, IL 60626 (across from the Morgan on the 4th floor of the parking ramp)

WEAR: Everything you would normally wear on a 25 Degree day. including pants. AND UNDERWEAR. Please make sure underwear covers everything! Remember we are not out to offend anyone. All private bits should be kept… Private. Wear what you would normally wear! (hats, scarves, gloves… etc) Do NOT wear a costume. (only a select few are supposed to do this to be easily visible!)

HOW: Please purchase your Transit card to get on the train before you arrive. There will not be time to purchase your fare when we arrive as a group at the station.

WHY: This event is to have a little fun. The best plan is to keep a straight face. Pretend you know nobody else (until we reach the end of the line at least) and enjoy the reactions of those not in the know. The No Pants Subway Ride is a “celebration of silliness” and nothing more. It is absurdity for absurdity’s sake. Please do not attach a political message, charitable cause, or sponsorship to your ride.

BRING: Yourself and a few friends, the more the merrier! A bag, Purse, Murse, briefcase, Grocery Bag or something to carry your pants after you take them off.

Parking: 1209 W Arthur Ave, Chicago, IL 60626 (Parking for a charge in the parking garage across from the Morgan.)

WHEN: We will begin the process right at Noon! Please arrive a few minutes early. We plan to be on the train by 12:30pm

You can let your whole family know you are participating (like I just did) by RSVP’ing on Facebook HERE.  Sorry, Aunt Genevieve…

<3 @thelaurenoneil