YES! Illinois is cracking down on left lane campers.

It’s been illegal for 15 years to drive in left lanes without passing a vehicle on the Interstate.  Now, Illinois State Police say they will start cracking down on vehicles camped out in the passing lanes — to the tune of $120 for each violation.  (Now that’s some sweet music…)

According to the Illinois Policy website, the law “allows exceptions for road conditions, left-lane exit ramps, traffic congestion, merging and other laws such as the mandate to move over for a disabled vehicle or when police have a driver stopped on the right shoulder – as in when they are issuing a driver a $120 ticket for violating the left-lane law. Drivers are allowed to stay in the left lane if there are no other cars behind them in the left lane.

On January 3rd, the Illinois State Police retweeted the following news story to show how serious they are….with the hashtag: #LeftLaneLollygaggersBeware.  And beware indeed, because the ISP also noted they will use unmarked cars to catch violators.  — [e.k.]

[📷 : Pexels]