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Here’s some things you should keep a secret, and not tell your girlfriend.

You should always be honest in a relationship no doubt about it. But what kind of honesty is it if a trivial statement could hurt or upset your beloved. Here are a few truths to keep to yourself and NOT tell your girlfriend at all.

  1. That you are Jealous
    1. Jealously comes off as an insecure, which is an ugly feeling and might turn your relationship sour.
  2. She looks fat in that dress
    1. If she is happy with herself you have no right to make her feel any other way!
  3. You are the strong silent type
    1. Show your feelings! Shed that strong and silent image and be vulnerable with her, it will make your bond stronger.
  4. Lying about your income
    1. May you be lying about it being more or being less, it’s just wrong either way. Love has nothing to do with money.
  5. Your parents don’t like her
    1. You two are spending your life and time together. Don’t break her heart by saying your parents don’t like her.
  6. She doesn’t look good without makeup
    1. If you can’t be comfortable with her looks and skin then why are you even with her? Leave her to be with a better person.