Facebook working on a feed just for memes with a questionable name

Altpress and Hypebeast reported this week that Facebook is working adding a new feature that could turn some heads: a feed just for memes.

The new features recent additions like voice messages in the FB messanger app, Lip Sync Live, and chat rooms for groups. This new one focuses on all those pics with imposed captions on them that all your high school friend you have not talked to in 10 years, think are very funny. Possibly there are some ‘dank memes’ you find to be funny or just dank, well FB notices this and is going to double down.

“We are running a small scale test and the concept is in the early stages right now,” a Facebook spokesperson stated.

The one thing that may have FB users rushing to press the laughing face emoji is the name of this possible new feed: ‘LOL’.

Yes, just LOL.