Hell Yeah! New red-band trailer for the upcoming ‘Hellboy’

This trailer feature curse naughty words and some gory violence. 

The ‘red band’ means it’s for an R-rated movie, which lends itself to the surly cigar-smoking devil-come-to-earth superhero Hellboy in the upcoming reboot played by David Harbour (Stranger Things). The trailer looks solid for the movie hitting theaters on April 13th.  It shows off HellBoy taking on an evil sorceress played by Mila Jovovich (Resident Evil) with lots of big epic battles, NSFW one liners, and vibe that resembles ‘Deadpool’.The trailer has gotten a solid response so far and is currently trending at number 4 overall on Youtube.

The previous two Hellboy movies starred Ron Pearlman who would reprise the role in the underrated sequel ‘Hellboy II:the Golden Army’. The character who gained following from comics and was also adapted into animated feature films as well.

Harbour did a breakdown of the new trailer with IGN where he gave some insight, and he did so from his hotel overseas.