Disgusting corner store bathroom? SNL sings about it!

Maybe you are like me, a commuter on the go, getting a snack at the local corner store that seems sketchy as you are getting on the CTA and you ask to use the bathroom: Big mistake! Those are usually the worst bathrooms! Yes, I am talking in the off-brand bodegas with a layer of dirt in them that has not been scrubbed off since Bill Clinton was in office.¬†These scummy circumstance were put to song in a brilliant and hilarious sketch last night on a superb episode of ‘Saturday Night Live’ hosted by former writer for the show and comic superstar John Mulaney.

The musical sketch plays as a spiritual sequel of sorts to last year’s ‘Diner Lobster which Mulaney wrote over ten years for SNL, but never made the cut to get on air until he got to host the first time.