How the Plumbers Union dyes Chicago River for St. Pats

From Media Burn archive, this 1992 video shows how the Chicago Plumbers Union dyes the Chicago River. The history of how and when the river was first dyed as a St. Patrick’s Day Parade tradition are shown as a cold day as the river is dyed. It’s worth noting the original idea from Mayor Daley in the 1960s was to dye a portion of the lakefront green, but doesn’t that bring Kelly color pop out so much more on the river?

The Chicago River is one of the most influential water ways in North America, as it is one of the first rivers to reversed due to pollution which caused outbreaks of serious diseases in the mid-1800’s. It took two separate projects to make the Chicago River suitable for consumption by the greatest city in the world. Also if you are from St. Louis, you may not like this video.