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Keanu Reeves road trips with a bunch of plane passengers after flight makes emergency landing

If you ever get to google Keanu Reeves you’ll see all the thing’s he’s done to help people and the money he’s donated.
This just adds to the list.

Recently Keanu Reeves was on a flight from San Francisco to Burback that when they were forced to redirect to Bakersfield because of a mechanical issue. Luckily the flight landed safely and there were no injuries. As they were figuring out travel logistics, they realized it would be easier and faster to take a van the remainder of the way back to L.A. than fly. So the 54-year-old John Wick star ended up arranging for a van to pick up passengers, and himself, for a road-trip back to Los Angels.

One of the passengers even documented the events:

Common, this isn’t something anyone would normally do. Keanu Reeves deserves an award for the things he does!