How Jay Cutler is “sucking harder than he’s ever sucked.”

Someone at 101WKQX is watching all the terrible television….so you don’t have to.  And I feel so bad for whoever they are.

On the mid-season teaser trailer of a thing called “Very Cavallari” on the E! Network, Kristin Cavallari has indicated that husband & former Bears quarterback Jay Cutler helped out his wife by “sucking hard than he’s ever sucked.”  On her clogged milk ducts.  Hear for yourself:

Now, Ms. Cavallari says that her husband “saved her life” by doing this.  So I Googled whether or not a clogged milk duct is fatal.  Painful, yes but  — surprisenot an immediate life threat, as long as you address the problem.  And number nine on a list of ways to clear a clogged duct is having your partner help you out.  So good on Jay for doing something more useful than anything he ever did in a uniform for the Monsters Of The Midway.  — [eric]