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Chicago set a new record this week with its weather

It seems that Chicago set a new meteorological record this week, specifically on Tuesday. Never before has a 3-plus inch of snowfall been followed by 70-plus degree temps 48 hours later in recorded weather history.

Even records dating back to the late 1800s don’t show temperatures in the 70’s just 48 hours after a major snowfall.

Chicagoians even saw the seasons change before their eyes as the snow melted exposing green-springlike lawns, like Sunday’s snowfall never even happened.

The closest comparisons in temperature shifts happened in October of 1989 and March of 1916. From October 19th to 20th snow fell to 5.6 inches, and was then followed by 70-degree temperatures on October 24th. On March 22nd snow fell to 2.6 inches and was then followed by 72-degree temperatures on the 25th.

But now we should be back to our regularly scheduled Chicago weather, well, we hope.