You can not unsee the “Human Skin Coin Purse”

Yeah, it’s really weird and vaguely unsettling. Japanese artist ‘Doooo’ posted this recently to Twitter showing off a quite realistic looking “human mouth” that works as a coin purse. Cough up the money if you got it, right?

Who would actually use this in public? It has certainly captivated interest since the initial clip was posted on June 1st with over 13.1 million views.

Is this supposed to be a symbol for how we are talking about money and wealth? No matter what it’s supposed to represent artistically, it is certainly unsettling. Don’t forget to share this with someone who will also be unsettle because it’s worth something to creep your friends and family out. How much is that worth? Oh just give me a second, LET ME LOOK INSIDE MY NEW HUMAN MOUTH COIN PURSE!