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Dads get into an all out brawl during a little league game

There’s nothing worse than a dad getting way into a little league game right?
Like calm down, they’re supposed to be having fun out there right!

Well, you know what’s even worse than that? Parents starting a full-on brawl at a little league game.

The fight went down at a game between a bunch of 7-year-olds in Colorado over bad calls by the umpire, who by the way is 13 years old.

There were some minor injuries and one victim who suffered from serious injuries. Police ordered citations for disorderly conduct and are still looking for some suspects who were apart of the brawl, specifically the man in the video with teal shorts who took a few cheap shots on a guy who wasn’t looking.

If you see a man wearing teal shorts you better watch out because he might blow up on you!