101WKQX’s ‘Chicago Festival’ shirt has locals freaking out

This is the greatest festival t shirt of all things that are so Chicago, we put them on a t-shirt. What do you think of…

Posted by 101 WKQX on Friday, July 12, 2019

So we are a bunch of smart asses in Chicago, a town with a deep sense of humor where we are always down to make fun of the many characters that exist here. Enter the ‘Chicago Festival’ shirt we put up for sale yesterday on our merch shop Aisle101.com. This mock lineup of ‘bands’ which are just a several local legends and silly things we all know about our city in the tribute font to Lollapalooza. Well, the response to this has been huge. It basically became a meme flag for everyone to wave around like it’s ’19 9tree and da Bulls tree-peated!

The first shipment of the shirt has sold-out! This has to be the fastest selling item we have sold since we started Aisle101  late last year, so we are so pumped that you want to run with the joke on your back. Do not worry you can still place orders as we have another shipment coming. Get your orders in before they are gone!

And just like every time a festival line up comes out, there is furious debate over ‘bands’ that people wanted to see. Now we have people saying how come you didn’t include the jingle for Empire carpet?!