Fantastic Four are finally coming to the MCU

We have been getting tons of nerd movie news out of this week’s Comic Con in San Diego, including yesterday’s big announcement of the next phase of Marvel Cinematic Universe at a jam packed panel with Marvel Studio leaders. One thing that was mentioned  for the huge crowd was reported by and it may been lost in yesterday’s Phase 4 freak outs, the Fantastic Four are finally joining the MCU on the Disney side.

The Fantastic Four have been integral characters in the history of Marvel Comics, after being created by Stan Lee as the first super team in the universe of characters. Yes, before their was the Avengers there was the Four. Here is the character’s origins and how they came to be from their 1961 debut.

The Fantastic Four were under Fox studio movie rights for their past three films, but Marvel Studio President Kevin Feige revealed that the otherworldly astronauts turned super-powered will now fall under the MCU banner. No information has been revealed on a cast, a screenwriter, or a director for the planned film.

The 2005 and 2007 films were big budget takes on the Human Torch, the Thing, Mr. Fantastic, and the Invisible Woman but have you heard about the basement financed version directed by B-movie veteran Roger Corman? Watch the so-bad-it-may-be-good trailer here.