Privacy concerns with the photo aging FaceApp

The viral sensation of the past week FaceApp that makes all your friends get visually accurate aged photos for their social media, but apparently all the fun of seeing yourself at 80 has fallen apart with a lot of different privacy concerns. Internet Today reported on the fine language in the privacy release and how when you use the app could be manipulated or used for purposes like using your photo for ‘deep fake’ footage where you could be doing something you have never done. The app can also reportedly access your contacts and any more media on your phone….ANY OTHER MEDIA! Note this video has some NSFW language (watch here), but maybe you should check it out if you are into giving away a ton of private info.

The Atlantic did an in-depth look into the app, who is operating, and how the data in it could be used in a way users never expected. They were pretty blunt about whether or not you should have the app: “Yes, you should stop using FaceApp, because there are few controls on how your data, including your face data, will be used.” You can read the entire article here.