‘Stranger Things’ star wants do cool stuff with music

Stranger Things star Finn Wolfhard is not your average teenager, besides being in the biggest streaming TV show out there, he wants to direct films and do cool things with fun muscians. He took to Indiegogo to raise $6,000 to raise money so he could direct a music video for the California band Playdate. Check out his pitch below, where at a young age he proves himself to more productive than I have been in my entire life. It’s worth noting how when he’s not trying to escape the Upside Down, that Wolfhard (WHAT AN AWESOME NAME) has a love for alternative music. 

Wolfhard is a fan of good music and has expressed it on his social media. In August, the actor posted himself strumming the classic Nirvana track ‘Lithium’ on his Twitter.

Wolfhard also has a friendship with Canadian band Pup who have featured him in two music videos, including this video that shows the heartbreaking tale about a dog touring with a band. The song is called “Sleep in Heat”.


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