15-piece orchresta crushes it with Daft Punk cover

Daft Punk is known that robot headed duel kings of dance music with their aesthetic of technology meets humanity clouding their real faces and the group’s music is delightfully none-organic. Radio Dance Orchestra, a 15-piece orchestra took Daft Punk’s definitive hip-shaker ‘Harder, Better, Fester’ on the German late night TV show Neo Magazin Royale. It’s a truly imaginative take of a very funky song while never losing it’s original flare, yet sounding fresh.

Now if Daft Punk could dust off the robot heads and get out of the work shop for some live shows, that would be exciting. Daft Punk last a did a full tour in 2007 including a headlining set at Lollapalooza in Grant Park in downtown Chicago. They certainly stayed busy making music including their very successful ‘Randon Access Memories’ which won the band a Grammy Award a few years back.