VIDEO 4/PACK: Pick The ‘Very Best’ of Weezer

So, of this Video 4/Pack…which is (ahem)….the “King Of The World” for Weezer?

Buddy Holly

It’s 90s nostalgia….with a 70s nostalgic video…about 50s nostalgia.  What will the band do for THIS decade?

Keep Fishin’

Not EVERY band gets to have the Muppets appear in their music video.

Beverly Hills

R.I.P., Hef.  And I don’t even care if the Hugh Hefner/Playboy thing skews the voting.

Pork And Beans

Want to remember what the internet was “meme-ing” back in 2008?  Here is your official archive.

So now you’ve seen the contestants.  Now vote.  If you could only live with one of these Weezer videos while excluding all others FOREVER….which of these do you choose?  GAH….why do we even have to choose?!?  — [eric]