Early reviews for ‘Stranger Things’ Season 2 look great (NO SPOILERS)


One of the things people are super excited for this Halloween is not the sexy fidget spinner costume (yes, that lame idea is real) but it may be the stream dream that is Season 2 of the 80’s throwback of the horror/scifi series ‘Stranger Things’ on Netflix. The early reviews are coming in and it looks like our collective expectations of the weird goings-on in Hawkins, IN will be met with a delightful adventure of charismatic kids, interdenominational monsters, and the conspiracy to conceal all the chaos from the public. New episodes are going up on Netflix this Friday, October 27th so get your Eggo waffles ready.

Here is a look at the early reviews with NO SPOILERS.

Stranger Things had an almost impossible task when it came to following up on a first season that had near-universal acclaim. That it’s still engaging, gorgeous looking, and smartly written is a truly impressive feat. The show didn’t hit any reset buttons; it let every character grow and change, and it’s just remarkable. This is a show growing naturally into itself and does everything to make the nine-hour commitment worth it. – Gizmodo

Much of the new season asks various residents of Hawkins where their true homes are. It’s not a spoiler to say that they find refuge, as most of us do — if we’re lucky — in each other. – Variety

Here the team at Collider breaks down everything they could from the first six episodes released to press for reviews. It looks like a grand return for the most talked about TV show in years.

Plus the soundtrack for this show continues it’s new wave synth-nightmare vibe which is just a great spice to already great stew that is ‘Stranger Things’. Listen to the creeptacular track -by-track preview for Season 2, done by composers  Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein.

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