Donald Trump’s Hall of Presidents robot looks odd

Source: Inside the Magic

Disney added a new robot of Donald Trump to it’s long-running animatronic  presentation the Hall of Presidents, except the current President’s robot counterpart is reminding more people of his 2016 Presidential campaign opponent Hillary Clinton. Videos and pics of the Trumpdroid have surfaced online this week from the Disney World th

Some are speculating this Trump-bot was originally made to resemble Clinton but has be retrofitted to look like Trump with mixed results. Trump supporters online have posted their support, but some point out how his tie should be red instead of blue. Other Trump supporters have expressed surprise the 45th President is even represented in the exhibit.

Now we can just expect a great sketch on Saturday Night Live with Alec Baldwin playing Trump fighting the robot version of himself right?

Others online have speculated the robot likeness Donnie is more reminiscent of veteran film actor Jon Voight.