Well, here is who is NOT playing the final Warped Tour

Ever since it was announced a while back that the summer of 2018 would feature the final coast-to-coast Warped Tour there has been much speculation and fantasy bookings by fans of the alt music roadshow. The big reunions, the beloved bands of a generations, and a lot of ‘oh wow’ bands have been pitched by fans, but what does Warped Tour actually have to say about this? The lineup has not been announced yet, but they are not letting any rumors get running as they prepare to announce the anticipated lineup in a few weeks.

Warped Tour’s last tour stop in our neck of the woods will be July 21st at the Hollywood Casino Amphitheater in Tinley Park, IL. Tickets go on sale February 26th, with the line-up announced on March 1st.

The Warped Tour Twitter cleared the record, and got a ton of flak for it.

Yes, those much-desired bands in Blink-182, My Chemical Romance (THE REUNION?!), All-American Rejects, and Paramore were all mentioned as  no-gos for Warped ’18.  This unleashed a tidal wave of hate on Warped for not delivering, but also simply mentioning these bands. What do you want them to do here? You put them on the spot.

This Twitter fire kept burning with  All-American Rejects’ Tyson Ritter saying in a Tweet saying the band was approached to play a few dates but then “Warped Tour went full elitist and said ‘nope.” The two sides would ease tension later, but emotions are high as Warped goes for one more sweaty run under the hot American sun.

Alternative Press covered the entire social media fracas in this article.