Easter Eggs: The Hidden Moments in Alternative Music Videos

Easter eggs, as we know, have a alternate meaning.  First used in 1979 by a video game creator wanting to get credit for his creation, the hidden messages that can sometimes be found in movies, music, and more add another layer to our entertainment.

In alternative, there are plenty of examples.

For example: Beck’s song “Loser,” the mystery backwards audio between 2:30 and 2:51 is — well, simply the chorus played backwards.  Or in the case of Radiohead, fans are convinced of the very complicated mega album than can be made of combining OK Computer and In Rainbows.

But when it comes to music videos — that’s where we can have all kinds of fun.  Here are a few examples:

  • Foo Fighters/”Breakout” — The woman who….well, “salutes” Dave at the beginning of the video?  That’s his mother.  A schoolteacher. 
  • The Killers/”The Man” —  Sitting next to Gambling Cowboy Brandon is famed former mayor Oscar Goodman.  When you pause on that scene, look at the signs in the background.  Do you see part of a most famous song?
  • Imagine Dragons/”On Top Of The World”  — Heck, the band ran an entire contest asking fans to find the 15 or so easter eggs in it.  See if you can find them.
  • Green Day/”21 Guns” — As the bullets rip through the walls, pay attention the words scrawled on them.  It should sound very familiar.
  • Foo Fighters/”Monkey Wrench” — Wait a minute.  What is that song playing during the elevator scene?  Could that be….another song from your Fighters of Foo?
  • Portugal. The Man/”Feel It Still” — If you watch the music video directly from [], you can play a little game and reveal a message of resistance from the band.

The rest of the videos are listed below.  Happy hunting.

BONUS:  If you can get your hands on a Windows 95 installation disc, open up the “Fun Stuff” folder.  Weezer fans will thank me.  — [eric]

[Green Day Easter Egg 📷 : Twitter/@GDCForum]