It’s National Voter Registration Day!

Happy National Voter Registration Day!  There is a big election coming up November 6th, let’s make it a record breaking turnout!

First step, get registered!  It’s so easy and actually takes LESS THAN 2 minutes online!  The deadline is October 21st and you can do it RIGHT HERE!  Reminder to 17-year-olds in Illinois, if you turn 18 by election day, you’re eligible to register and vote!

Otherwise, make sure you are already (still) registered!  If you’ve moved, got married or changed your name since the last election; you need to update your registration.  You can type in your address to see if you are registered and where to vote or change your address HERE

A little overwhelmed about who is running for what?

HERE is a great page with comprehensive info about the 2018 Illinois election.  Keep checking back as more info is added!

Next step, TALK to your friends and family!  Make sure they are registered to vote and encourage them TO DO IT!

Early voting begins in Illinois on Sept. 27 (just 2 days away!)


<3 Lauren