Flight cancellations galore in Chicago. Pass the time with this list.

The Sunday after Thanksgiving.  Perfect timing for a early November snow storm, that has already cancelled up to 700 flights.

What can you do about it?  Nothing.  Nothing except some of the things on this list I call….The Great Stuck-In-Chicago Time Wasters of 2018. 

  • Drink a shot of Malort.
  • If you are at O’Hare, coordinate with a volunteer at Midway.  Run a footrace to the Bean and back.  Whoever wins gets a free slab of Carson’s ribs.
  • Take part in the Romaine Challenge & eat some lettuce.  Dodge e-coli….dodge death.
  • As you sit on the floor of the airport, play the “I Spy” game.  “G” is automatically disqualified, because you will see enough used chewing gum to last four lifetimes.
  • Drink some more Malort.
  • Choreograph the next Chicago Bears touchdown celebration.
  • Adopt a CTA train car when it pulls into the airport.  An hour spent cleaning used food wrappers and unknown bodily fluids is quality time spent with your family.
  • See how many times you can say “Willis Tower” to a local — before they smack you.
  • Start a Netflix marathon on your tablet.  Charge people $2 to look over your shoulders.  $10 to share one of your headphones.  $50 to sit on your lap.
  • Just down the bottle of Malort.  The only pain you are feeling at this point is travel fatigue.

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