Rapper Soulja Boy released a video game console, Many question it’s legitimacy

Soulja Boy who came to fame with the hit song ‘Crank That’ in 2007, is  putting out a video game console that has “build in 3000 games”. Stephen Colbert roasted the console on ‘Late Night’ this week. Based on several reports the  console is believed to be an emulator for old games from past consoles like Sega Genesis and Nintendo Gameboy. A similar system is sold online in foreign countries, and has been called a flea market game console. It’s not clear whether or not the games have been legally acquired for the ‘SouljaGame’ consoles with a mobile version  and one that looks just like XBOX One.

The rapper is aware of the criticism and addressed it this week in an interview with Rolling Stone. “I know it’s new to the industry. I know they’re scratching their heads and there’s going to be a lot of talk, but hey man, I’m just a person with a dream. I know that I’ve been introduced to the world as a rapper, dancer, producer, but don’t just limit me to that and think outside the box and really give me a shot with this.” said the rapper whose real name is Deandre Cortez Way.

IGN News covered the ‘SOULJAGAME’ scandal, and why it is believed to be a knockoff of a knockoff.