Top 5 Alt Songs to escape Chicago winter chills

As we literally survive being in a frozen tundra with record low temps and we keep googling whether or not we have frost bite, it’s easy to let our collective minds imagine another place, a sunnier warmer place. So here are alter native songs that inspire us to endure the winter for the summer.

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  1. Rise Against “Swing Life Away”

Yeah, this one fits just right. Tim McIllrath of Chicago’s very own Rise Against wrote this love letter of a song to the his younger years in punk house during sweaty summers near the beach on the Northside. When you can’t hang out on your porch that is when you dream about hanging out on your porch? Here is a special version performed in out Lounge.

2. Weezer – “Island In the Sun”

Well this is easy right? Weezer really got toes-a-tapping with this dreamy tune of finding that special place which is likely not outside anywhere in Chicago during this weather right now. Imagine it, the at spot right by Adler Planetarium where you can see the entire sky line but it’s July.

3. Red Hot Chili Peppers – “Tell Me Baby” 

Now the obvious inclination with this list would be to go with one of the MANY RHCP songs that mention the warm bliss of California, but this song from ‘Stadium Arcadium’ is about the idea of California: chasing the dream in the hot sun in the city of stars. And you are rubbing your hands together constantly, you

3. Foster the People ‘Worst Nites’

A funky dance track? What are you trying to pull here? This fresh track you have heard on 101WKQX recently from LA alt boogie boys Foster the People expresses the stress and anxiety of being in a big city and finding positive energy in all the hustle and bustle. Plus this video is one of the best I have seen in ages.

4. The Flaming Lips ‘it’s Summertime’

For decades psychedelic dapper dudes the Flaming Lips have always been able to paint a picture. The picture here is clear an introspective moment with butter flys flapping, crickets in the air, and breezy air. Ah, mellow vibes when you hear Wayne Coyne sing “look outside, i know you will recognize it’s summertime”.

5. David Bowie ‘Life On Mars’

Today it’s warmer on the planet Mars, than it is in Chicago. Don’t believe me, read this. That flew my escapist mind into the hits of the godfather of alternative rock, David Bowie. According the mind hive Genius, this song tells the tale of a young girl who wants to go the movies, but her parents are against it. There is probably a lot of things we all want to do (go on a date, get a haircut, go to the movies, etc) but this weather is inhibited our lives in this direct way. So what’s life like on the other side of all this?