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Lustin’ for Justin – Valentine’s Day Date

Dateless for Valentine’s Day?! Here’s a chance to win a date with Justin from The KQX Morning Crew!

Brian, Ali, and Producer Kimmy will be picking 3 contestants to come down and join the show on Valentine’s Day.

Then comes the Dating Game, where Justin will pick which contestant he’ll go on a lunch date with after the show.

We’ll have prizes for each contestant, but the main prize is the date!

The date will be at Lucky Strike and FTW Chicago Streeterville, where you’ll play games and lunch downtown! Lucky Strick and FTW Chicago is an immersive entertainment venue offering, bowling, pool, ping pong, darts, food, and games. Everything you want under one roof

To enter, you must submit your name, age, social media handles, a small bio about yourself and the reason why you should win the date below.

Hint: Ali would like to know your zodiac sign.

Justin’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

We require that you must be available 02/14/2019 7AM – 1PM. Must be 21+ 

* Participants can be female or male.
Submissions end Monday 2/11 at 10 am!

Click here to view the Official Rules.

Good Luck!!