Laugh off Valentine’s Day with the best of late night comedy

So yes, it’s Valentines Day. 101WKQX has embraced the day of love in different ways whether it’s Lauren’s ‘ANTI Valentines Day’ rules or the KQX Morning Crew playing their own dating game, ‘Lust’n for Justin’. We will make the night special with our FREE Courtesy Concert with Coin at Tailgaters in Bolingbrook,IL. 

As you can see above Halsey and the cast on SNL got in early on roasting V-Day, which it deserves. It’s a day with so many built-in expectations and societal pressures, so why not just pop the balloon with comedy?

Jimmy Kimmel called on your mom’s favorite singer Josh Groban to belt out whacky ballads of weddings.

Conan delivered this hilarious spoof commercial of jewelry but applying it to the short term relationships that people burn through in the age of digital dating.

Colbert roasted the “patron saint of seasonal marketing” and all the odd deals that are being offered today.

In this web exclusive, Bobby Moynihan gives you this sad makeshift holiday for the single people who are clamoring to feel special day as everyone is coupling up.