Let’s count all the eighties things in Weezer’s “Take On Me” video.

Let’s count all the very rad, very tubular, very eighties things we have found so far in the Weezer’s music video for their cover of “Take On Me,” which you find along with other covers on their teal-colored album.

  • Finn Wolfhard as a young Rivers Cuomo — who was NOT born anywhere near that decade — but stars in Stranger Things.  Totally 80s.
  • A nod to the original A-Ha illustration-style video.
  • Growing up in a post-70s home.  (Surprised there wasn’t plastic on the furniture.)
  • Hair. All that hair.
  • A Walkman. With wired headphones.
  • A tube TV.  With an antenna.
  • An Apple II computer, minus the 5 1/4″ floppy drives.
  • Filming yourself with a VHS camcorder.  That’s just what you did when you were bored.
  • That sweet Casio digital guitar.

I’m sure you will find other things watching it, but noticeably absent:  an MTV logo introducing the video.  I want my MTV.  — [eric]

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