How will electric cars sound in the future? Linkin Park will decide for one manufacturer.

For all the benefits of electric cars, one big disadvantage they hold is their relative silence.  And that’s a BIG deal in a world that constantly has their faces buried in mobile devices.  Fossil fuel engines emit sounds that can prevent someone from mistakenly stepping out in front of a vehicle and ending up as flat as their phone.

So what’s the solution?  Sound engineering, it seems.

We found out a couple years back that Linkin Park would be developing the sounds of Mercedes-AMG electric vehicles, which was reconfirmed at the Geneva Motor Show earlier this month despite the passing of Chester Bennington.  So that is one “musical” project from Mike Shinoda and company that we can look forward to.  It’s a project that will be necessary — any electric vehicle traveling below 19MPH will have to have a “sound.”

So what will hit our ears?  Mashable provides a far more detailed write up of the how and why manufacturers are looking for people to create the sounds of cars in case you want to know more. And thanks to them, we have a few examples below.  — [eric]

When the Nissan LEAF is below 19MPH:

When the Nissan LEAF is in reverse:

[📷 : Pexels]