VIDEO: Do not drink and climb a tree in Grant Park

So it was expected something dumb would happen during St. Patrick’s Day, now that’s not to say something dumb should happen during a weekend dedicated to celebrating the Irish and the feel-good vibes of a spring season to come.. Hopefully you had a safe and joyful weekend with family and friends taking in the Kelly green Chicago River or one of our many events around town. Well apparently, some people will have to learn the lesson that one should not climb a tree in Grant Park after drinking a lot. Yeah, it’s not a lesson you think you would not have to tell some people but here are several videos discovered by CWB Chicago that say otherwise.

Honestly do not do this. We get it. You are not getting enough attention for your ‘Kiss Me, I’m Drinking’ t-shirt that you thought would be a great hit with your friends, but just be safe and have a good time.