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Man butt-dialled his girlfriend while cheating on her… with another man

A woman is suing her boyfriend for $1,000,000. He accidentally butt-dialled her while having a sexual encounter with another man; the call lasted a whole hour and 28 mins.

What was worse was, she found out she was infected with an incurable STD.

The Nashville woman was allowed to file the lawsuit under the pseudonym ‘P.H.’ She and the defendant, Gregory Cole, had been dating for 4 years and she believed Cole to be heterosexual and monogamous. When he called, she stayed on the phone and listened to the whole thing, from explicit sexual conversation to narrated actions he and his male partner were engaging in.

After the incident, she decided to get tested and learned that she was infected with HSV-2 (genital herpes), which is incurable. Her physician tried talking to Cole after he would listen to her, but he refused to have the conversation. Previously she had tested negative for STD’s and says she hasn’t been with other sexual partners besides Cole since the test.

You can read the full lawsuit and get a better understanding of the situation.

But it seems like this man is just a lying di**head.