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You can copy a tv shows living room, all thanks to IKEA

So IKEA has been making a few changes when it comes to their ideas of home decorations, taking a few examples from popular shows.

First off we have the Game of Thrones bathroom…

Not the most ideal set up since we don’t really need that many toilet bowl brushes, plus we don’t use them as wall art.

But they’ve now made three different displays that connect with different living rooms from your favorite shows.

1st is their Room for Families, which is basically the set up of the Simpsons living room.


The 2nd one is their Room for Mates, can you take a guess at which show that is based on..?
It’s Friends!  They did a recreation of Monica and Racheal’s living room, it looks so similar to the original!


3rd is the Room for Everyone, based off of Stanger Things. This is one or the most recent shows out of the three, but they offer a lot of details in the living room set up. From the Christmas lights, the paint, and the couches stipped blanket cover!


If you could recreate any living room set up from a show, what would it be?