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‘Poop bandit’ on the loose in Chicago

Make sure to check before reaching for any door handles, cause the poop man’s on the loose and no one is safe.

The Poop Bandit wanders the streets of Bridgeport looking for innocent victims to spread…. well not joy that’s for sure.

The Poop Bandit has smeared feces on peoples front doors, houses, and car door handles.

The Bandit wears a mask and roams the streets with a duffle bag full of poop. He seems to be in his 30’s or 40’s, balding and has glasses. No one knows who he is, why he spreads the poop, or if the feces used is even from a human

Why Poop Bandit? Why are you doing this? Is it some kind of vigilante justice? Or is he just pure evil!?! We need to know!