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Mom confronts her son’s bullies, then gets arrested

Moms will do anything to protect their sweet little baby, even if that means screaming at an innocent class of third graders.

This South Carolina mom wanted to make it clear, she doesn’t care what age you are. If you come at her sweet baby angel about his “silly haircut,” then you’re gonna have to face her mom rage in full force.

When Jamie Rathburn found out that some kids in her kid’s third-grade class were teasing him she decided that she would show up and enter his elementary school without permission and yell at an entire class of eight-year-olds.

Before going off to the elementary school this very classy mom posted a video on Facebook to let everyone know that she was off to go give some children a piece of her mind. A concerned citizen called the police who promptly made their way to the school to arrest Rathburn.

Rathburn insists that her son was continually bullied by some of the other students throughout the school year including physical harm to her child. She also claims that the school refused to do anything about the bullying even though she continually reported the issues. So she decided to take matters into her own hand and illegally enter an elementary school.

A mom’s gotta do what moms gotta do.