Wait, Really? Sebastian Maniscalco set to host 2019 MTV VMA’s

In a move that will surprise many, Chicago comedy superstar Sebastian Maniscalco announced on the Tonight Show this week that he will be hosting this year’s MTV Video Music Awards even thought he also claims to know nothing about music.

MTV confirmed it indeed was no mistake, even though it feels like it is.

Maniscalco who is from Arlington Heights and is an Northern Illinois University alum, has worked his surly yet lovable comedy into an arena-level act, touring the world, and becoming one of the biggest stars in stand up. It will be interesting see how his “unfiltered” look at modern pop culture will play out on this big live TV award show. It will be even better to hear his Chicaaaaago aCK-scent come out on when he’s introducing all the pop acts that the teens are into.

Also Maniscalco is very aware he knows nothing about modern music, which was displayed in this promo video sketch.