Zoo holds escape drill with a very committed polar bear actor

A Tokyo Zoo has gone viral with a AP News video featuring their unintentionally hilarious practice drill of what they would in a situation where a polar bear would escape, and of course they had to have someone in a polar bear costume. They should have just hired our very own Piqniq Bear, he would do it for beer and microwaved salmon.

The person playing this particular polar bear is very committed. AV Club compared  him to acclaimed actors Daniel Day Lewis and Christian Bale, in terms of his dedication as a person playing the role of polar bear in big silly costume.

Here are some of the best moments from our own care bear, Piqniq Bear!

PIQNIQ Bear uses the hallway bathroom

Tim Virgin busts Bear for using the station bathroom. See Tim… and Bear… at PIQNIQ. Tickets on sale now!

Posted by 101 WKQX on Monday, April 23, 2018

Watch our live BEAR CAM, and see the #PIQNIQ Bear in his natural habitat. See you at #PIQNIQ!

Posted by 101 WKQX on Tuesday, May 1, 2018

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