Blink-182 dedicate a song to former member Tom Delonge

The fans of Blink-182 have for years now speculated about any potential of Tom DeLonge returning the trio, as they march on with Alkaline Trio’s Matt Skiba gracefully joining the band prior to their 2016 album ‘California’. Well the Blnk boys keep Tom in the hearts no matter what, as they dedicated a performance of the deep cut ‘Aliens Exist’ at a show this weekend to their former band member. The song choice is interesting as DeLonge as been seriously active with  To the Stars Academy of Arts and Sciences, an organization he formed to study UFO’s and extraterrestrial life. He even produced a TV show for the History Channel about U.S. government investigation involving UFO’s.

Delonge conducted an interview in May in anticipation of his band Angels & Airwaves putting out new music and touring again, where he stated he would eventually return to Blink “in the future”. 

Mark Hoppus cleared the air on that, saying that was not exactly the current direction of things. 

Here are videos pulled up by Alternative Press from last night’s Blink show in Hartford featuring the dedication, and showing off the band’s big new stage for their current tour with Lil’ Wayne. Blink will headline Riot Fest in September in Chicago’s Douglas Park, you can win your way in here.