Stranger Things Season 3 reviews look great (NO SPOILERS)

If you are friends and family are not coming outside on the 4th of July for fireworks and grilling, they are likely inside watching the new season of Stranger Things on Netflix. The anticipated third season of the coming-of-age sci-fi show drops the same day. It sounds like a great way to celebrate our country’s independence by watching telepathic pre-teens fight inter-dimensional monsters in a mall in Indiana.

The early reviews are quite positive too!

Gizmodo says the following:

Stranger Things 3 may spin its wheels to get where it’s going, but it lights a fire once it gets there. The season is flawed but solid, and we hope it’s not another two years before we see part four. If it is, who knows how big the kids are going to be, both on screen and off. And we mean that literally. They are growing very, very fast. Will is taller than Joyce this year!

Here is what IGN had to say about it:

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