Report: Chicago lost the 2016 Summer Games because of bribes

Here is what the Olympics would have looked like in Chicago / Block Club Chicago 

Chicago has a long not-so-cherished history of corruption and political shenanigans. You may know an older neighbor who passed away years ago, who somehow still votes in every election. Jokes aside, it is unfortunate but a common part of our city’s history so that’s why it was bittersweet to learn today that Rio de Janiro beat out Chicago and other cities for the 2016 Summer Olympic games with a bribe. Yes, I thought Chicagoans were good at bribes!

The Tribune reported the news today that jailed former governor of Rio Sergio Cabral testified in court this past week to schilling out $1.5 million to the former president of the International Association of Athletics Federations, Lamine Diack,  in exchange for six votes in the meeting that awarded Rio the Olympic and Paralympic Games. Cabral added another $500 payout to Diack’s son for more votes in a separate meeting.

Rio beat out Chicago, Tokyo,  and Madrid to host the 2016 games. That event though became mired in international scandal with many reports on ill-prepared venues for the games, displaced Brazillian forced out of areas, and many other issues. Tokyo will host the 2020 Summer games.

The Olympics have always been associated some form of scandals whether it was athletes doping with PED’s and much more less than honorable behavior.

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