Gator Watch 2019! An update on the Humboldt Park alligator sighting.

On day two of Gator Watch 2019(!), the alligator like creature spotted in Humboldt Park’s lagoon is still on the loose.  Here’s what we know:

  • Traps have been set for the creature — and the Chicago Tribune is reporting the city has called in someone called Alligator Bob to deal with the situation.  Which….sounds pretty frickin’ legit.
  • We can’t a news story about a gator without coming up with a cute, cuddly handle for the thing.  So come up with a name for it — and Block Club Chicago will give you stuff.
  • Finally, we can cross a former tenant of Humboldt Park — and the first suspect *I* thought of —- off the list of people who may have planted the beast:

But you can get yourself hooked up with 3-day passes for their current home in Douglas Park this fall.  Buy or try to win, here.  — [eric]

[📷 : Pexels]

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