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Instagram model sells her own bath water

People have sold crazy things on the internet before from a Cheeto that looks like Gandalf or a piece of cereal that looks like E.T.

However, one Instagram model takes it a step further by selling her own bathwater to her fans!
Belle Delphine, who has almost 4 million Instagram followers put her own bathwater for sale for thirty dollars a jar.

The worst part about all of this is that the monikered, ‘Gamer Girl Bath Water’ sold out within three days of being on sale.

Belle Delphine said in a statement that she sold the bathwater as a joke and there is a disclaimer on her website saying, “This water is not for drinking and should only be used for sentimental purposes” but some of her fans took this purchase very far.

There have been reports of Belle’s fans purchasing the bathwater and drinking it and even vaping it!

A question stand’s amidst all of this, who’s bathwater would you buy?