Pro wrestlers Nzo Amore & Joey Janela get into a scuffle at Blink-182 show


When you go to a concert, you should always be safe but some shows you can not be sure there will not be some bad behavior. That was the situation this week at a Blink-182 concert in New Jersy as WrestleZone is reporting that two notable pro wrestling stars reportedly got into a legitimate scuffle at the show. Former WWE superstar Enzo Amore and All Elite Wrestling’s Joey Janela got into an altercation that esclated when Janela approached Amore. Based on a video posted by Amore on Instagram, it appears real fisticuffs were avoided. You can watch it below.

The two have had a legitimate beef online for months but since it’s a pro wrestling related story, many have speculated that it is all an elaborate stunt to build to a showy match. Janella and Amore have both claimed separately the incident was real as they continue to insult one another over social media. At this time is believed the incident was not a part of a storyline for a televised performance but a very much a dumb thing that really happens from time to time.

If you are at a show, just be nice to each other! You are at rock show. You came for a fun time. Be safe, Be Nice, Have a good time.

Note the following video features NSFW language. 

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