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Coast guardsman says f*** it and jumps on top of a narcotics submarine

Did you know that drug smugglers have freaking submarines! Well, they do and the Coastguard doesn’t give two sh*ts about jumping right on them.

Like a bunch of action stars, the crew members of the U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Munro tracked down the narcos sub and jumped on the top of it and started banging on the hatch to get inside.

Imagine being one of the smugglers inside. You’re in a sub in the middle of the ocean, no one can find you right? Then all of a sudden you hear a loud banging on the hatch like your neighbor coming over to tell you to turn down that damn music.

Words can’t do it justice, you got to watch them board this sub.



The boarding netted in a total of 17,000 pounds of cocaine! Are you kidding me!!

Two big thumbs up to the U.S. Coast Guard. Keep up the bad-ass work