Humboldt Park Gator Watch Day 4: Well, he’s on Twitter now

An alligator has alluded animal experts including a professional named ‘Alligator Bob’ and several other officials. He is somewhere in the lagoon at Humboldt Park on the west side of Chicago. He has been there for four days now, so since he’s frustrating the authorities so much he may as well kill some time on Twitter. That is right, the Humboldt Park Gator has a Twitter @ParkGator.

The coolest reptile in town has a friend helping out with his jump into the social media influencer game in comedian Jon Torres, and let’s just his Twitter game is meaner than his bite. And do not get it twisted, an alligators may not naturally come from the greater Chicagoland area but dis gator is totally a true blue Chicaaaaagoan.

Maybe I am can score an interview with him?

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