Mike Shinoda goes anime for new music video.

For the single “World’s On Fire” on his latest solo album, Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda dipped into the world of anime for a little artistic flair.  And he dropped into the Crunchyroll Q&A at Anime Expo 2019 to drop a sneak peak of the video.  Here’s what we learned from his chat:

  • Mike was the originator of artwork for this video.  No surprise, considering his (and Joe Hahn’s) influence in LP’s videos for Breaking The Habit and Somewhere I Belong.
  • The artwork has a very early Nintendo vibe to it.  That’s because Mike grew up with the NES and felt a strong influence from it in creating the video.
  • The video isn’t complete, but before the summer — you will see the whole thing.

And here is the sneak peak the convention got to see.  And for the entire chat at the Crunchyroll industry panel, click on the video following this.  — [eric]

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